6 Famous Mumbai-based Makeup Artists define Jewellery Trends in an Exclusive Interview with Beauti Art



History of Indian jewellery is around 5000 years old which is as old India itself. Indian women will never be found without jewellery as her beauty is enhanced by decorating her with jewellery. The charm of women and jewellery can never be separated. Indian jewellery plays a significant role in enhancing the beauty of the women and so we have brought insights of different Mumbai based beautician for you. Lets see what they have to say about Jewellery, a special message for brides and brides to be.


Soni Kadam:

Women and Jewellery are inseparable. Choosing what jewellery to wear depends on your face cut. If you are on a heavier side then try avoiding Necklace and go only with long earrings. In case you have a long face, wear choker set. Your face cut will decide what jewellery to avoid and what to wear.

I would advise brides to prefer wearing art jewellery then real jewellery. Art jewellery are cost effective and also you will get good varieties in terms of designs.Whereas, in real jewellery, you may end up wearing same jewellery in multiple functions. Hence, go for art jewellery then real jewellery.  



Archana Haria and Deepal Haria:

Jewellery is a very essential part for any bride. Some women come tell us that, jewellery is not for me or I can’t carry it well.But it should be  noted that once you wear jewellery, it changes your look completely and makes you look even more beautiful.Also the colour of  stones  or beads in the jewellery also matters as it also helps your skin glow with the reflection of the light falling on it.               

When someone asks, whether to wear real jewellery or art jewellery, archana mam would always opine for real jewellery. She says that the metal which is used in real jewellery have positive vibrations which is important for the person wearing it. Or if you are wearing art jewellery, wear those jewellery in which the metal used is more or less similar to that of real jewellery. 




Bijal Gada:

Jewellery: Nath, damni and tikka is the identification of the bride. If you are not wearing it on your wedding day then you are not a complete bride and also you might not get a chance to wear it again in your life ever. You will find the same in the recent movies like Padmavati. So it’s in trend.

If you are on a heavier side select delicate jewellery, if your medium health wear medium jewellery and if slim enough you can wear heavy jewellery. Real jewellery becomes quite costly and also buying bigger size jewellery is unaffordable sometimes. So it’s better to buy art jewellery as you will be able to buy bigger pieces in very affordable prices.

#Skintip: In case you are allergic to art jewellery, use combination of a moisturiser and SPF. Apply this combination where the jewellery is going to touch your skin. Your skin shall not be affected.


Meera Mewawala:

Nath and other bridal jewellery like Tikka and Damni are very important for brides, as they are in trend these days and shall never go off fashion. Wear it and it will suit you for sure. 

While choosing your outfit for your wedding, consider what your husband is wearing. You may wear matching or proper contrast. This is a very important part, as the photographs of the wedding shall look fabulous. When it comes to the matter of choosing between the Real and Art jewellery, some costumes are very elaborate and you would like to wear elaborated jewellery too. This might go over the budget for some people, if they are buying real jewellery. So, i would recommend people to wear Art Jewellery as you get in much better prices than those real ones.

Choose art jewellery which are nickel free so that those have skin allergies, will not be affected.


Rita Maru:

Gold or Diamond jewellery are really expensive. If the bride go for art jewellery they will be able to buy and match it with her clothes and in very affordable prices. If you are buying art jewellery, consider buying silver jewellery so that it can give an effect of real jewellery and also it won’t give any side effects like rashes and all. So buy jewellery from a good store which either sells silver or better metal jewellery which is nickel free.




Amisha Salukhe:

While you are in a wedding, it is very important for you to be comfortable both, with your clothes or with your jewellery. With regards to jewellery, costume jewellery will very lightweight for you to wear and carry and hence more comfortable. What you can’t experiment with real jewellery you can do with costume or art jewellery. Wearing traditional jewellery Nath, Tikka and Damni are very important part of your wedding look. Just consider your face cut while deciding what you are wearing so that you don’t overdo anything as it might spoil the whole look.  So consult a good makeup artist and ask them before hand and take trial with them. You will have better idea after getting trails.
Share what is there in your mind with them and come on a same platform. This will give a proper idea of how are things going to look like on your D-Day.