Metals used in manufacturing Fashion Jewellery?

Metals used in manufacturing Fashion Jewellery


There is a lot of fashion jewellery in the market which are of different values. But whether you have ever wondered what’s the reason behind it that some are cheaper and some are expensive. So here are some answers to your question which we have got for your safety. The value of any kind of Jewellery depends upon how much metal was used to make it and most importantly WHICH metal is used to build it. Just because of this, you must have observed that certain jewellery causes skin rashes or some kind of allergies. It’s time for us to dig into the matter and find out why.

Types of Metals Used in Fashion Jewellery

Types of metals used in jewellery are Gold, Silver, Platinum, Lead, Cadmium, Nickel, plethora, Titanium, cobalt, stainless steel, tungsten, ceramic carbide etc. These metals are either used solo or used in combination with other metals. Some of them are good and some of them are harmful to human health. Like they cause skin rashes, irritation etc.

Which metals are harmful?

Metals like Lead, Nickel and Cadmium are harmful to human health. You must have never thought about metals used in manufacturing Fashion Jewellery. The only two things anyone considers while buying art jewellery is Price and Design. But that is a wrong practice. Money is something which if spent for value, then it is worth it. So if you are spending on jewellery, buy a Fashion Jewellery or Art Jewellery which is made with the use of good metals like silver or copper etc. as suggested above. a

How are Metals harmful?

Metals like Cadmium, Lead and Nickel are injurious to health and also they are carcinogenic. Carcinogenic means it’s a material which when consumed by human either through respiration or orally, it causes cancer.

Kids, when you hold them in your arms, have a habit of putting the jewellery in their mouth, which can be super injurious to their health. We can’t stop these things from happening. So, it’s better to choose to jewellery with better quality metals.

So, next whenever you buy art jewellery, do a detailed research on what metals are used in the jewellery and then decide. Don’t buy harmful metals and play with your and your family’s health just to save some amount of money.

Why manufacturers use harmful metals?

Manufacturers use harmful materials in making fashion jewellery mainly because of the cost. Cheaper the materials cheaper is the cost. Some of them sell it at a lower price to increase the market share and some of them will sell at a higher price to get good margins.

Lead is used in making jewellery because it helps in making jewellery heavier and bright.

Cadmium is used for the same reason as it is heavier in weight. Also, it is shiny, strong and malleable at low temperature.

Nickel is used in manufacturing jewellery because it is less expensive and by using such cheap metals they reduce the cost of jewellery. But they really don’t understand how harmful such materials are for human health.

Our skin is porous and accepts and removes all kind of things inside and outside the body. And these when gets inside our body, gets accumulated and later on causes serious health problems.

Which metals to be preferred?

When you buy jewellery, you may prefer to buy jewellery made of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Tungsten, Zinc etc. These metals do not pose a harmful hazard to human health. The look and feel of the jewellery itself will tell you whether the jewellery is made of good or harmful or cheap metals. If you want to check whether nickel is released from the jewellery or not, you may get nickel test available in the pharmacies. Tests for Lead and Cadmium is still not available for common people.

How one can identify whether the Jewellery has a large amount of Toxic or Harmful Metals

There is a special tool to determine how much toxic metals are in a specific item. This works by placing the sensor near the item and the tool will automatically calculate the amount of heavy metal on its surface.

However, this tool is used only by professionals that are authorized by the government and companies that concern about heavy metals. So, to play safe regarding heavy metals, we should purchase jewellery from trusted eCommerce websites that have certifications and had passed quality checking departments to ensure the safety of those products.

Sometime you will yourself understand from the look and feel of the website or the photo of the product.  You can also check the website that whether it is genuine or not

Jewellery of Beautiart is free from harmful metals

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Now when you know which metals are harmful and which are not, you can make a right choice to purchase the jewellery. We suggest you purchase jewellery from reputed eCommerce website and not from any resellers on social media. Because you may get jewellery at cheaper rates from them but those are low in quality, they stress less on the finishing and also use harmful metals in order to reduce their cost.