10 Things You Must Know Before Shoping Fashion Jewellery for Your Big Day (2021)

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

We see brides taking their lehenga shopping with a great deal of effort, time, and money, but not so much for their fashion jewellery, which is a crime we believe!

Yeah, it's going to be the lehenga on the wedding day that will draw all the focus, but the fashion jewellery is like that faithful companion that will be worthwhile in the long run.

Fashion jewellery is the intricate things that you will almost forever hold close to your heart.

Fashion jewellery adds all the looks on your big day with the right flavor and you must select them very carefully. Wedding jewellery, after all, is not only for a day but a lifetime.

It is essential to think about it because it is a significant investment.

You have to remember a whole lot of factors when searching for these precious jewels. We are here for you to make things easy. Only go through this checklist, and you're ready when you go shopping for jewellery for the bride!

  1. Start research at least six months before

The number one on your shopping list should be this. Your bridal outfits require some research and your jewellery, mainly since it will be more expensive!

Plus, with so many choices out there- polki, diamond, antique, and a range of numerous gemstones, you should know about what you want and what's more appropriate for your style.

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery
What are your chances of getting them wearing again?

Are you just going to reserve them for weddings and other such occasions that require a traditional look?

Or would you like to flaunt them at various social functions and cocktail parties? It would be more appropriate to select elegant pieces that are versatile and can go with any look.

2. Go through the jewellery of your family before you go shopping

Go through the set of jewellery for your mom and grandma. This way you know existing ones, and if you don't want to buy something very traditional, you could always use them, or mix and match.

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery
You can also recreate an old piece or make minor changes to complete your look for the main day.

3. First, select your dress:

Depending on the dress you chose, your fashion jewellery will add the right balance to create a sophisticated look overall. You can pick the statement pieces accordingly, depending on the design and cuts.

Fashion Jewellery - Wedding Necklace Set

Go for longer necklaces with a plunging neckline or a backless gown. Your neckline and necklace both should be noticeable.

The hairstyle should be compatible with the earrings and vice versa.

The blouse sleeves should be matched with bangles!

4. Think about your jewellery for the long term

Don't just think of the wedding functions when you 're going to wear fashion jewellery.

Jewellery is pretty valuable and a lifetime possession.
Fashion Jewllery

Choose some items that will last a while and never look outdated-like heritage gold bangles, stunning nose pins, pretty jhumkas and other choices.

5. Prefer pieces that can be mix and match

Versatility is a huge factor that many brides don't think about before the wedding.

You have so many jewellery options these days with interchangeable, detachable, and customizable models that can be worn in many ways.

Fashion Jewellery - Wedding Necklace Set

Several fusion pieces work for traditional as well as contemporary occasions. Go for traditional looks, but make sure to apply a tinge of modernity.

6. Are you sensitive to any of the metals?

It's your day and because of the metals used in the jewellery, the last thing you want is a rash and allergies. It is best to say that to the person from whom you buy it. Beautiart Fashion Jewellery uses only good metals which are harmless like, copper, alloy etc.

7. If you go out, go out with a fabric cut or images of the outfit

It will help you pick one that fits your clothes best. When you go shopping for fashion jewellery, your outfit may not be ready, so this makes good sense!

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

8. Go for gems:

Gemstones are certainly in fashion today, and there is no excuse why brides should be afraid to add a color pop to their outfit!

Select from a range of red rubies, green emeralds, and blue sapphires.

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

If you simply can't settle on just one color, the perfect clarity and cutting in diamonds will encourage you to take the sparkles with you!

9. Pick according to the occasion

There are usually many wedding ceremonies, so preparing the jewellery according to the event would be appropriate.

The Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies, for example, are generally accompanied by lighter items-light gold chains, gold earrings, etc.

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

Hold the attention on your ring for the engagement ceremony, with a limited emphasis on other places.

The reception and cocktail party is usually the time for a diamond necklace to fit in.

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery - Wedding Necklace Set

The wedding day is, of course, the most important. Our advice is to keep to a traditional look.

For the South Indian theme, we suggest yellow gold sets with beautiful designs and illustrations with a gemstone.

North Indian brides might opt for beautiful antique-looking Polki sets.

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery- Wedding Necklace Set

You must keep the hairstyle in mind when picking out your earrings during the occasion. Heavy earrings will fit well for buns and other up-dos.

If your hair is down, a sleek and long style of the earrings compliments your entire look.

10. Feel comfortable

Last but most important, in our view, is to feel comfortable with your fashion jewellery. After all, this is your big day and you'd like to enjoy it to the fullest.

Try and avoid very heavy earrings on occasions when dancing is required. Fashion Jewellery shouldn't make you feel close but should raise your glow.

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