10 wedding fashion trends 2016

10 wedding fashion trends 2016


We all want our wedding to be extravagant and special. Weddings are said to be very holy and special as two loving hearts are going to get together in this beautiful occasion.

  1. Hair Care: The most important part of the beauty of women is hair. We need to keep a good care of our hair regardless it’s our wedding or our loved one’s wedding or nobody’s wedding. We have come up with certain hair care tips to improve the health of your hair like, massage coconut oil once in a week, mix lemon juice and almond oil and massage in hair and rinse with water to clean the follicle and promote hair growth. This exercise can be performed twice a month, massage honey into damp hair and keep it for 15 minutes. And then rinse well with water. Honey will lock in the moisture and avoid frizz.

Note: Before trying any of these tips try on a small part of your hair to check whether you don’t get any adverse reactions.


  • Skin Care: As we all know photographs are main thing in the whole wedding. For great photographs one need to have great skin. Certain skin care tips which we would like to share are, 1. Drink at least 3-4 litres of water a day. 2. Detoxify your body with lemon or cumin seeds and vegetable juice or soup. The more consume vegetables the more toxics are released from the body. 3. When you workout you perspire and use your perspiration to massage on your face and your body and this will give great texture to your skin.


  • Health and Fitness:  To look gorgeous on the special day of the life, a bride has to look after her health and fitness. Daily brisk walk, or jog or yoga can help. It is suggested that one should decide the work out depending upon the individual interest like somebody may like Dancing, Yoga, Walking, Aerobics, Zumba etc. This will help you to have a great looks, toned body, feel active and energetic, and above all great skin.


  • Makeup: All “A would be bride or girl going to a wedding of their loved ones” are thoughtful and be particular about their make up on the special day. Makeup and makeup artist is the main thing which a girls needs to be careful about their looks with makeup. It’s really important to get the makeup done which doesn’t get smudged or doesn’t give patches on the face after sometime. Hence, it is recommended to get a trail done with the best makeup artists and not to rely on the friends or family’s recommendation because your skin type may or may be similar to them. Also it depends on the season and the quality of materials used by the makeup artists. Make sure you don’t go on the price, as high price doesn’t simply means he or she is good. “Makeup Jo Na Lage Madeup”, says Beauti Art to all the would be brides and girls who wants to get it done on the special day.


  1. Hair Style: After getting a beautiful natural hair, the time is to think about the hair style to be done at one’s own wedding or your loved one’s wedding but not without any occasion… Joking!! These days three styles are going on which are long braids, other is different kind of bun and last one is open hair. We would suggest that one should go with what suits their face and what is the occasion. Listing and loving yourself will do it all and no extra efforts to be put in for that.

Note: Every girl know what suits their face so she should inform her hair stylist about it which shall give beautiful result. The girl who doesn’t know what will suit should fist take a trial with their stylist so as to avoid any confusion at the end time.


  • Clothing: These days for wedding brides Lehenga’s are very much in the fashion whether it is Mehendi Function, or Sangeet Function or Wedding itself. Lehenga looks really beautiful. Also, would be mothers can wear Lehenga on their baby shower function as you must have seen Kareena Kapoor walking in the Lehenga in the latest Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2016.


  • Jewellery: Jewellery shopping has never been simple. Especially for girls! B ut the bride can be rest assured with what she wants as there are many options available. Recently, Antique Jewellery is the type of jewellery which is IN these days and it also has two types in it. One is the Ancestral Jewellery which has passed down from the previous generation. And the other type is a style of Antique Jewellery which is custom made which means that a girl can get is designed the way she wants to wear in her special day but in an Antique type.


  • Accessories: This is useful for people who like accessories and carry it well. This is especially for honeymoon girls and one can get beautiful accessories online from various the commerce websites and need not go to any shop to them as it is easily available. Choose to buy those accessories which are cost effective, long lasting and can be worn on multiple dresses. It will include belts, handbags, scarves, eye wear, jewellery accessories like, watches, ID Bracelets, chains etc., gloves, handkerchiefs and many more.


  • Wedding Mehendi: The most beautiful part of the whole wedding. These days’ people get done many different kind of mehendi designs which are very much in like, floral design, Arabic Designs, Indo-Arabic Designs. If you must have seen Divyanka Tripahi wearing henna with her and Vivek Dahiya’s pictures on her wedding.


  • Wedding Footwear: One should choose their footwear depending on their outfit on the wedding day. Every girl should wear what they feel they are comfortable in and what is liked and suits the regardless of what people in our society likes to thinks about us. We shall be able to bring change for our next generation so as to make them happy with themselves and not making them realise they are not here to make others happy but themselves.


There are lots of things that are to be taken care when you are getting married. Hope oury tips can be useful to you and you can make your wedding most remarkable event for you and your family too.
Beauti Art wishes you A Very Happy Married Life.

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