7 Fashion Jewellery Do's and Don'ts Tips

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Fashion jewellery has grown as an integral part of trending styles in accessories, be it for a regular getaway or any traditional ethnic evening. If you aim at looking gorgeous and stylish wherever you go, fashion jewellery should definitely be your go-to.

But no matter what you wear, there are certain do's and don'ts to follow in the fashion industry which can make you stand out from the rest, by giving a personal hue to your style. To be the master in fashionable clubbing of jewellery, here is a thorough guide to the important points to look out for and tips to follow.

1. Always follow the latest jewellery fashion trends while assembling old with new.

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The world is so fickle that no fashionable element lasts for more than a few months. If you wish to keep your style game strong, you should keep following updates by Beautiart to understand the latest jewellery trends of the year. With the help of an exhaustive list of 'in' styles, you will be able to shop your favourite ones in the easiest possible way, from the online retailers.

You should keep a close eye on the little changes as fashion keeps taking its shrouds off very quickly. You can also subscribe to various online blogs and fashion articles so that they can keep sending you direct newsletters about the fashion jewellery trends. Once you have understood the inclination of the market, you will be able to shop for your choice very easily, without any hassles.

2. When it comes to fashion jewellery, keep it minimal.

Gone are the days when gaudy and heavy jewellery was considered to be a symbol of lavishness. Today, chic fashion in simplicity is the most elegant way of carrying yourself around.

When it comes to fashion jewellery, remember not to overdo it at all. If you have a heavy set of neckpiece with earrings, it is not mandatory that you will have to wear the earrings every time you put on the neckpiece. Sometimes, sets of jewellery can be separated as per the occasion and attire.

If you are matching fashion jewellery with your regular workwear, it is always advised to go for a bare neck and have heavy earrings with casuals.

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But the moment you shift to a saree, you can choose to have a heavy neckpiece, while you keep your ears covered with flowy hair. This is the most balanced way of adorning fashion jewellery and letting every piece stand out on its own.

3. Simplicity rules the industry.

The biggest demand of fashion jewellery in the market is to be presented as statement jewellery. It simply means that you may not have to go for gorgeous and colourful stones for parties every time. A pearl jewellery set can do the same charm, while elevating your looks to sophistication.

Wardrobe staples like simple gold jewellery, pearl-studded earrings and pendants with expensive stones are worth your investment as their vogue never really fades off. They are also very simple in appearance and can be clubbed with casuals of all sorts, be it Indian or Western.

4. Understand the neckline of your dress to have the most suitable neckpiece.

A lot goes into consideration before fixing a piece of jewellery and matching attires. If your neckpiece needs to be flaunted with style, you have to understand the demands of your neckline.

For example, a turtleneck dress is already covering most part of your neck. So you should not try clubbing a choker with it, as both will tighten around the neck and create a fashion disaster. Similarly, with a very deep neckline, a heavy necklace will not suit. You can go for a simple chain or pendant which highlights the deep cut.

You can go through fashion catalogues and boutique designs to understand how neckline complements the fashion jewellery and which piece should be worn with what kind of dress. This is a very critical fashion tip which should always be kept in mind.

5. Fashion jewellery also includes accessories for fingers and arms.

While having the perfect earrings and necklace is important, you may not want to miss on the remaining accessories which often do not come in the set. Get your fingernails painted and manicured for an elegant look and then choose the matching rings. If your nails have basic paint, then you should go for big and bold rings. For patterns and textures, simpler rings will create the balance.

Make sure to have complementing bracelets and arm-cuffs to have a chic appearance. Bright colour play and use of motifs, matching the dress you wear will accentuate your entire look and enhance it. If you are dressing for a formal party, choose stylish bracelets but have only single stone rings with them. For traditional outfits, you can have a bunch of bracelets with multiple rings.

6. For a change, try building your outfit sometimes around your jewellery.

It is a regular practice for us to choose the attire and then assemble matching jewellery pieces with it. But if your looks are being too repetitive, you can try assembling your fashion jewellery pieces and then choose the attire which goes best with the combination.

This unique approach will give your look a personalized touch without the hassles of going through large catalogues of designs and fashion mantras.

7. Not only collecting the jewellery but maintaining them is important.

While it is important to explore around the fashion jewellery pieces, proper maintenance is of utmost importance. You can use denatured alcohol for giving shine to the diamonds, but the same will be very harsh for pearls and emeralds. Similarly, porous stones can be corroded by the application of lemon juice.

If you use toothpaste, your jewellery may slowly get tiny scratches and turn black which can sometimes be irreversible. But toothpaste is a great cleansing agent for the enamel. Therefore, it is important to understand the nature of your jewellery, along with the combinations and trending worth.

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These were some of the important fashion jewellery do's and don'ts which I also look out for. However, you are always free to experiment with your style and loosen the boundaries of these guidelines for any different approach, at times.

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