7 Top Fashion Jewellery Trends in India 2021

Many of us would not like to recall 2020, and with the New Year, we look forward to stepping out of our respective homes with hopes, positivity, and confidence. We pampered our skin and took care of our bodies last year because we spent much of it at home, but we didn't even refresh our wardrobes, styles, or anything else. And, of course, there's fashion jewellery, the most significant accessory. On the other hand, most of us have neglected these necessities. Therefore here are the top fashion jewellery trends to follow this year. Use these trends to complement the current style, or go against the flow and welcome these.

  1. Pearls Jewellery

As attractive as they are now, 2021 aims to improve the beauty of the pearl further. Play with different shades of pink, black, and classic white. In these bold earrings, big pearls are combined with small sparkling diamonds. Chain a variety of pearl colors together and wear them in a cozy knotted pattern around your neck. You will, without a doubt, turn heads!

Pearl Fashion Jewellery

2. Add Some Colours

This season is all about colour. It may be only bright colors or multicolored precious stones set in a single piece. Our ethnic earrings collection, which features lightweight gold-plated earrings, is a prime example of this stunning trend. Opposite colors on the color panel add a bit extra suspense to it. For instance, with a yellow dress, try ruby and vilandi earrings or turquoise and emeralds in the same pair of earrings.

Fashion Earrings

3. Multi-Layer Necklace

This kind of necklace has at least three layers and gives the person a royal appearance. Kundan, CZ stone, vilandi, pearl, and embroidered are all used in multi-layer necklaces. It looks stunning with sarees and other wedding gowns, such as the lehenga. Celebrities are the ones that wear it the most.

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery Necklace

4. Antique Temple Jewellery

Most die-hard South Indians would tell you that temple jewellery with an antique finish is the latest fashion jewellery trend in India. Temple jewellery is chunky and often made of gold, with red and green precious stones. Many of them have significant goddess patterns and are complex works of art that take months to complete. When worn with a traditional saree, they look classy and elegant.

Temple Jewellery - Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

5. Chand Balis

The style has been enhanced to match the preferences and needs of contemporary women. It received its name because of its moon-like appearance. Moon-shaped chand balis are extremely popular. Only a pair of large chand balis will make you look amazing at a wedding or engagement party. It looks excellent with sarees, lehengas, and salwar suits, among other Indian traditional outfits.

Fashion Earrings Chand Bali

6. Big Maang-Tikkas

The maang-tikka is more than just a pretty piece of jewelry that the bride wore modestly. Today's brides aren't afraid to go for larger, bolder, and more intricate styles.

Fashion earrings - Maang Tikkas

Floral jewellery is another popular trend that will usually be seen at weddings. Although floral motif jewellery is not recent, it quickly becomes the most fashionable bridal style thanks to stunning modern designs and detailing. Floral motifs can be used in various ways, from mehendi to parties, because of their charm and the fact that they represent luck, prosperity, and love.

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