8 trending Long Earrings you must consider in 2020


1. Long length pierced earrings:

These are very easy to put in long earrings, with a rubber or metal padding at the back. Mostly elliptical or long in shape, these earrings are best to be worn with kurtas and simple traditional outfits. They also look very classy in the formal get-togethers. Their elongated structure leaves a substantial impact on the jewel, even if you are not having any other piece of accessory. They are readily available online.

2. Hanging long earrings with CZ stones:

Stones add to the gorgeousness of every jewellery piece and automatically make a stylish impact. The traditional dresses are full of different patterns and unique embroidery. To suit them perfectly, these elegant jewellery pieces are very helpful. Stones, with their evergreen glow, stand timeless and give a premium feeling. With a variation in sizes and contrast, they can easily be paired with numerous designs of clothing. With the development of online stores, it has also become very easy to explore for more styles and designs.

3. Long studs with hanging pearls

For any occasion and outing, the safest jewellery choice has to be one with pearl fittings. If you are buying any pearl earrings from sites like

It is very easy to get matching necklaces and other accessories. Their true white shade can reflect any colour of garment they are adorned with, and bring out the best in you, with complementing hues. Deviating from the traditional idea of pearl studs and small pearl fittings, these earrings host a subtle tonality of dual shaded stone embellishments. As an extension of the accessory, the pretty bell-bottom hosts a pearl dangler for exuberant detailing in jewellery.

4. Stone studded drop earrings

Well-known for their design, drop earrings are shaped like a falling drop of water. These styles are available in very less budget and are easily accessible than the expensive collectibles. In the long earrings, they are created as a series of stone or crystal clusters, embedded as a single piece of eye-catching jewellery. The earrings like

are very sturdy, so if you wear ethnic regularly, you can completely trust long drops to be in your daily routine. They are long-lasting and have a translucent shine, making them the best of all.

5. Long leaves patterned earrings

The long leaves earrings perfectly resemble the pierced earrings but have leaves shaped structures attached. These motifs add value to the dresses and hold importance in the occasions you are wearing them too. You can look for the likes of these.

The identical structure of these earnings with leaves looks very fascinating. It adds a very subtle allure to your persona and often acts as a conversation starter. These leaves are very minutely textured and intricately designed to add more to the style.

6. Gold plated long drop earrings

The most affordable of drop earrings are available in gold plating, which are both elegant and gorgeous in appearance. These gold plated earrings are comparatively short, but the shape of an elongated drop has been kept uniform. If you are looking for the perfect earrings in basic range, you can look for more here.

Such long drop pattern makes an excellent companion of the traditional attires. They contain a mesh of artwork, intricately designed with the exquisite metal. CZ stones are also very competently used as fitting in the structure of drops, along with other gems. These earrings have risen to fashion slowly and have grown into elegance. They are sure to bring you a unique and sophisticated look this season.

7. Indian jhumaks in rich gold plating

For the wedding season and earrings for ethnic attire, what can complement them better than jhumkas? The utmost lavish fashion is created with the aura of jhumkas, for a rich look. These golden danglers are studded with precious colourful stones to match dresses of different colours. In case of plain golden jewels, they hoard great magnanimity and opulence. Brilliant pieces like

are the best pieces in imitation jhumkas. They can be worn to very special and intimate events, also in ceremonies and weddings. These jhumkas stand the best when paired with gorgeous traditional outfits.

8. Hoop and Crescent earrings

Hoop earrings are more widespread amongst the millennials as they are hassle-free and simple accessories. Designers have experimented with the designs of hoops and created crescent-shaped earrings like

Based on the size of your face, you can choose alternative styles of long hoop earrings. These hoop earrings give you complete freedom of customization, with a wide range of choices. There are stone fittings, heavy metal inclusion, and different kinds of beautiful pearls used in the creation of these little accessories. Add them with western outfits or with ethnics and make a bold fashion statement.

Hereby, we have created a list of some of the most common and readily available earring designs. These can be clubbed with all kinds of traditional Indian attire for a versatile look. You can also experiment and mix these earrings with eclectic jewellery pieces for a greater impact. In a blend of western and eastern ideas of fashion, these jewellery pieces have passed the test of time and are standing to trend in the coming wedding season. For exhaustive research and selection of such fashionable and bold earrings, visit the official website of www.beautiart.in, today.

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