8 Ways to Check Whether the E-commerce Website is Genuine?

While purchasing Fashion Jewellery online (through eCommerce website), have you ever wondered whether the website is genuine or not? Or safe to add bank details or not. If you haven’t then please start doing it. And if you have already thought about it and yet do not know how to do it, the following pointers will help you gauge the genuineness of the website.

E-Commerce Website

  1. Check the Contact Details: First and foremost find and click the tab ‘Contact Us’ and check the contact details like email address, phone number of the website. These are the two main things in contact details which if found absent then Do Not trust it.
  2. Check who has Registered the Website: Okay.. so you must be thinking how to check who has registered the website or who is the owner etc. Good news is that you can find it out with one click. Go to this website https://www.whois.com/whois/ and just put the URL of the website. It will give you all the details of ownership, phone number, email address etc. And if there is no data found, the website is fake.
  3. Check Google Transparency Report: Google Transparency Report is basically a tool with the help of which you will be able to know that is there any unsafe content on the website. This is important to check because there are chances where the virus might attack your system or your system can be hacked etc. Click the link here to check Transparency Report of any website https://transparencyreport.google.com/safe-browsing/search.
  4. Check the Social Media Presence: Any good brand will have good social media presence like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and the list goes on. Check following pointers on all the social media platforms.   * All the posts are similar on all the platforms.
     * All the platforms have mentioned the website in the bio section.
     * How old the page is.
     * Followers or likes of the page
     * Comments and feedback of the people
     * See how the company has responded to the comments and feedbacks of the people.
     * Positive or Negative reviews of the page.
     * The product posts on social media and those of website matches or not.
  5. Read the Return and Exchange Policy: Do Not buy any stuff from any website without reading and understanding the return and exchange policy of the company. The clearer the terms and conditions of return and exchange more the company likely to be genuine. Do Not buy if the company does not provide an exchange or return facility and also no such policy is defined on the web page.
  6. Check Customer Feedback (website): As it is rightly said that one should learn from others mistake. There are many people who have already brought from the website and have given their reviews in the form of comments. There may be good or maybe bad comments. You just have to check which product has got what kind of comments. And if there are no comments then it’s ok to try if the company is genuinely based on above-mentioned pointers.
  7. Look and Feel of the Website: One easily make out from the look and feel of the website. See how professional the website looks, the quality of the photographs, the product specifications, etc. will help understand the real thing.
  8. Check the Genuineness of the Influencer: Some of the products and websites are also recommended by the influencers or bloggers. If you are going by the words of the genuine, known and your favourite blogger or influencer then, nothing wrong. But if you do not know them and by chance, you came across their write up, then do check the genuineness by checking the website, social media presence, reviews etc. of that influencer. Do Not just blindly follow anyone because the con artists in the digital world are found much more than in the real world.

    Please Do Not judge any website by applying any one or two of the above-mentioned pointers. All of the maximum of them, when applied together shall increase the chances of your dealing with the real thing. Even after applying these points we do not guarantee that the result will be 100% correct. You will also have to trust your luck or intuitive power.

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