9 Ways to Style Fashion Jewellery with Western Wear

Fashion Jewellery is the perfect way to improve your game of style! It can be a little difficult to pair costume jewellery with western dresses, but if done right, it looks truly gorgeous!

The 21st-century women often choose western clothes for day-to-day activities. They are efficient and cozy. In case of special events or festivals, our Indian wear comes in handy.

We match them with all our ethnic glam and then keep them back when it is over. Once in a while, we bring out our costume jewellery, brush it up and pack it again. You don't need to do that again!

Here are a few wonderful ideas to blend fashion jewellery with western outfits:-

  1. Statement Necklace with a shirt, skirt, gown or off-shoulder dress:

White shirts are the ultimate example of formal, professional, and office wear. They can be very dull though, after several wearings. Give your well-used white shirt a new life by matching it with a beautiful statement necklace. Using a statement necklace to match your white shirts will bring an elegant look and can be worn to family get-togethers and events.

Pendant Set by Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

Whether it's your LBD (little black dress), gown, or off-shoulder dress, add glam with the statement neck-piece! By wearing a skirt, you could continue the Indo-Western look or go for jeans to make your necklace the central focus of your style. Adding the beautiful Indian touch to every Western outfit will give you a spectacular look.

1. Vilandi Necklace with a gown or dress:

Vilandi jewellery is no more a traditional collection only seen on special occasions such as weddings. Choose a strapless dress or evening gown if you have a party to attend, and flaunt your stunning Vilandi Necklace. Many leading ladies embrace this style in Bollywood, so this is a tried-and-tested match. Generally, Vilandi Necklaces are light in colour and grand in size and design.

Vilandi Necklace by Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

The Vilandi Necklaces can be combined with a collared shirt and a long skirt to create an indo-western look. It can be a little challenging to match Vilandi Necklaces with western clothes, so here's a pro tip – Skip the earrings and pick a solid colour dress with a stylish neckline, so the necklace style pops out!

2. Silver jewellery with a jacket or maxi dress

Silver Fashion Jewellery has its unique appeal, distinct from other precious metals. Pure silver or even oxidized silver jewellery gives a very boho-chic look, and with them, you can create a fusion ensemble. Would you want to wear a Maxi Dress? Match it with a silver coin necklace to complete the look. You can also pair a cold-shouldered top with your necklace to enhance your boho-chic look.

The new trend is German silver accessories! You can mix the Afghan fashion jewellery like necklaces, earrings, finger rings to bangles. You can try wearing a mix of silver / oxidized necklaces with a cute strappy /skater dress, a floral top, or colourful embroidered cape/shrug if you're a person who likes to wear comfortable clothing yet trendy. To get the bohemian look wear layered silver necklaces with a solid crop top and skirt! You could also use a whole set – think necklace, rings, bangles, and earrings for a modern look to jazz up a simple bodycon dress.

Pairing your chunky silver necklace with a white shirt and pants is the best option for you if you prefer a more stylish and classy look! You can also pair a chunky silver neck-piece with your blazers/jackets over a tube top.

3. Jhumkas paired with an off-shoulder dress

We all love jhumkas, chaandbalis, and danglers, don't we? Even the simplest outfit can be charmed with a lovely pair of earrings. Similarly, for a Bohemian vibe, you can pair jhumkas with a shirt with ripped jeans, a printed jumpsuit, or a casual shrug. You may combine jhumkas with an off-shoulder dress, tube /crop top, and a pencil skirt or high waist pants for occasions.

Opt for a piece of little black dress when in doubt. This classic piece of clothing is classic and versatile as it comes in various numbers of styles and suitable for any occasion. Give your favorite pair of jhumkas a twist with this timeless classic!

4. Gold Plated Bangles with a monochrome dress

Layering bracelets might be one of the biggest trends, but it's all about breaking the rules and discovering your style. Take this trend a step further, wearing a stack of gold plated bangles. Make sure your outfit is monochrome – nothing has a loud print or pattern, so your bangles stand out. Undoubtedly, this hot look should be on your try list!

5. Maang Tikkas instead of a Headband

The idea of pairing a maang tikka instead of headbands with your western outfit may seem odd, but with the right style and design, the center of attention will be on this look wherever you go. Do not wait until the next wedding or a big family party. When choosing an outfit for your next party, birthday party, or an outing, take your favorite maang tikka out and combine it with a simple hairstyle.

Ditch every other piece of fashion jewellery and focus on the maang tika only. Try wearing it at dusk for added charm and mystery, if you're still cautious. Wear it with a maxi dress, an elegant evening gown, or a ripped denim tank top. Couple it with smokey killer eyes and be a head-turner.

6. Anklets with Cropped Jeans

Another piece of jewellery owned by each Indian woman is a pair of anklets. Anklets are an old tradition, from simple silver payals to decadent gold ghungroos, which have adorned our feet for decades. Give a trendy lift to your look by matching your anklets with cropped jeans or trousers. If you're someone who loves to wear fusion or who likes to stay stylish, then this is your look. You can even go for a single anklet instead of a pair and make your own style statement.

7. Flaunt kamar bandh

Traditionally Kamar bandh is worn with a saree or a lehenga. You may also add a touch of hotness to your Western clothes by wearing it a chain or coin kamar bandh. Kamar bandh is a perfect outfit that leaves your waist area exposed, like a short top with a skirt or jeans.

8. Meenakari earrings with a Skirt and Top

Meenakari jewellery is one of the finest jewellery ever! These earrings look equally beautiful and stunning when rightly paired with western attire!

You may combine them with a simple top, a skirt, and even a gown.

Indian jewellery has a lot of styles, designs, and categories. By pairing with western wear, you're opening up an even broader set of choices. With these useful tips, you can make even the most ordinary outfits look spectacular.

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