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Antique Earrings by Beautiart Jewellery

Gorgeous antique earrings have been a must wear for almost every woman, right from the inception of fashion accessories in the 18th century. A huge collection of different earrings from all over the globe has been traced and collected by fashion enthusiasts. In the contemporary age, this medieval fashion has given birth to the trending style of antique earrings which establishes a bold statement of etiquettes, even today.

Ranging from chic pearl earrings to more subtle but lavish diamonds and coloured gemstones, earrings have often been laced with new cutting techniques and modified into pieces of art. In the present times, antique earrings add to the glamorous look of women, with both traditional and modern attires.

However, not much is known about the various styles one can find under the category of antique earrings. Here is a guide to understand various patterns of antique earrings in 2019 and where to find them, easily online:

1. Pendeloque Earrings- With a very unique stylisation of four sharp edges, placed around a central gemstone or a group of beads and jewels, Pendeloque earrings are trending in the fashion charts of 2019 itself.

The design of Pendeloque earrings is such that it can be heightened in glory with the magnificence of its centrepiece, which mostly contains pearls, diamonds or gemstones.

These earrings often take a pear or marquise shaped structure, which has been experimented with, a lot of times. In the stores today, you can find huge varieties in the types of stone used, the setting and pattern of stones, the usage of base material, type of centrepiece used, the density and volume of the earrings and so on. With such wide range of collection, you can explore your major options here:However, the lightweight and compact Pendeloque earrings are mostly in fashion today and look as admirable and ornate, as the classic days.

Clothes to club with: Ethnic couture, kurtis and heavy dupatta.

2. The Girandole Earrings- Most of us have come across earrings with three or five drops, connected to a central ornamental motif. These earrings are the Girandole earrings, which date back to 18th century as per their origin. With a variety of elements involved in their making, these earrings have a grandiose in their appeal and look very magnificent and huge.

Like all other antique jewellery, these earrings have also been modified in shape, size and structure over the years, but in the recent days, it is mostly worn in weddings and lush events. The central theme of these earrings has been maintained in its different versions.

Experimenting with them in the affordable range, lightweight and colourful versions have also been introduced which are easily available in the online markets. You can also go through the catalogue of Beautiart to explore a vast range of Girandole earrings, from here.

If you are looking for Girandole earrings to be worn with western attires, have an eye on the central motif. The elaborate and traditional central pieces suit well with Indian attire, but emerald and stone settings fit best with the western couture to give a vibrant feel to your personality.

Clothes to club with: Lehenga, sarees and western gowns.

3. Chandelier Earrings-

How elegant and pretty do these earrings look for your next grand outing! We can surely sense the vibrance of shimmery dangling and magnificent glory even in the word, 'Chandelier'. Perhaps this is the reason why Chandelier earrings have the maximum mention in the antique earrings trends of 2019.

They are simply the convergence of the idea of light being reflected from delicate pieces of glass, into a fashion trend which has walked huge corridors of time. From the collection of Beautiart, you can understand that chandelier earrings are mostly big in size and create a bold statement of lavishness. They are available in various engravings and jewel settings which makes them more accessible and lighter on the earlobes, in comparison to other antique earrings. They are the most sought for, because of the wide range of options available and the complementary colour choices in them.

Clothes to club with: Kurtis, heavily embroidered ethnics and sarees.

4. Antique Carved Earrings- In the big fat Indian weddings, huge significance is adhered to pictorial symbols of wealth and prosperity.

The elaborate structures of peacocks and elephants are used vividly to create a royal statement and these have been adopted elegantly in the earring designs by Beautiart. Some of our major designs are here.

These earrings are ornamented with different gems and jewels, where ruby and corals are the most prominent ones. What makes these earrings stand out is the fact that they involve very intricate artistry to form the structural frame and the carving. Every string of metal is interwoven carefully to bring out the best of the complex designing and makes these carved earrings most suitable for weddings and parties of great stature.

Clothes to club with: Lavishly embossed traditionals for mostly weddings and grand celebrations.

5. Fringe Earrings-

Antique earrings not only have a supreme hold on the Indian market, but also greatly associate with western couture.

Fringe earrings came into trend sometime around mid-1800s and have a strong hold on the western market, even today. You can have a glimpse of the easily available fringe earrings at Beautiart from here.

They reflect a sense of amalgamation of cultures with their dangling shapes, creating a fusion artwork. They are decorated with jewels, beads and enamel to add to the pomp and glow. They are also modified according to the vivid cultures and their fashion sense, where the bohemians add tassels to these earrings. However, a huge usage of corals and ruby can be found in the fringe earrings. For Indian traditionals, golden fringe earrings are also available in the market.

Clothes to club with: Western dresses, beach fashion, bohemian trends and basic ethnics.

With these antique earrings in trend in 2019, you can follow our guide for the occasions to wear them at, and the type of dresses to club them with. In a right sense of fashion, you can choose these unique antique designs from Beautiart and create your own style statement with them. Give yourself a fashion discretion and play with these styles, to get the look which defines your beauty, your personality.

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