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Choose Fashion Jewellery Depending on the Face Type

There are several aspects to remember when buying in fashion jewellery, ranging from your complexion and hairdo to your sense of dress and lifestyle. Another essential thing to remember is the facial type because the right components can not only improve the best features but can also enhance some more robust features.

Every individual has a different face type, and learning how different designs complement these shapes will ensure that your fashion jewellery still works for you. When a piece of jewellery enhances the shape of your face, it will give you that little boost of confidence, and you will be more comfortable wearing it over and over again.

You'll want to decide what kind of face shape you have before you start trying to find out which kind of fashion jewellery is right for you.

Most faces can be categorised into 7 general shapes: Oval, Round, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Heart and Diamond.

You should remember, once you know the shape of your face, the earrings and necklaces fit best.

OVAL: Shorter Necklaces and Earrings

An oval face with a curved chin is broadest across the forehead and temples, and slightly broader than it is high. The oval face is smooth and angular, with an even distance between the hairline, the eyebrow and the chin. Often called the ideal form of the face, it is slightly longer than wide and can carry almost any kind of neckline or jewellery.

Jewellery advice

Earrings: Oval faces will wear almost any earring shape or style when the patterns are proportional to her face. Stop using unnecessarily long styles, because they would lengthen the oval face. Using types that cover the eyebrow or have wings that extend upwards to eliminate a thin oval face or a too-long nose. Amplify the oval face with hoops, circular hoops, chandeliers and other simple, curving patterns or set the oval face with triangle-shaped earrings beautifully on.

Long Earrings by Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

Necklaces: Oval faces may wear almost any shape or styled necklace, as long as the pattern is proportionate to the person, whether small or larger. Necklaces will complement the worn neckline as well as the other virtues of the wearer: chokers highlight her long neck, a long string of flapper-style pearls lengthens her torso and low-hanging necklaces with drops accenting a low-cut neckline.

Most people find Oval the optimal face shape, but other face forms may be beautifully complemented with different jewellery designs that show the best features and minimize others.

ROUND: Narrow Earrings and V-Shaped Necklaces

Round faces are about as wide as long. A round face's lines are curved and smooth, with a rounded jawline and similarly distant all over. Use fashion jewellery that distracts focus from the roundness and highlights features like the eyes and nose. With round faces, the key target is to skip jewelry, which can make a face broader and lengthen its shape.

Jewellery advice

Earrings: The round face is perfect for wearing long, vertical styles — particularly dangers, drops, narrow chandeliers and ear loops. Note that for this face shape, the opposites attract and prefer rectangles, trapezoids and other long, vertically angular styles. Any designs that lead to a straight vertical line will elongate a round face.

Long Earrings by Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

Necklaces: Longer, looping necklaces pull down the eyes and lengthen the facial appearance. Wide focal components forming a V or attracting focus beneath the neckline often create a sharp triangular point making a long line. Skip the choker, collar and princess lengths, as they narrow the neck and give depth to the throat.

HEART: Short Necklaces and Wide Earrings

A heart-shaped face on the forehead is broader, and the cheekbones are thicker than the width at the chin. The features within the face may be straight, circular, or smooth, and flat, but the basic face shape may be a heart or triangle inverted. Typically the upper portion of the face is rounded and curved around the edges, with a sharp or angular chin.

Earrings: Bear in mind the opposites attract the heart-shaped/inverted triangle face and pick triangular or fan-shaped dangler earrings — whatever places the larger portion of the earrings close to the jawline. This face requires fashion jewellery that brings depth to the chin point, so use horizontal lines of hoops, teardrops, circles, triangles and other space-filling patterns that hang around. Avoid small buttons and any long narrow earring styles.

CZ Stone Earrings by Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

Necklaces: Heart-shaped faces require small necklaces with curves to minimize the length appearance in the jawline and reduce the chin's pointed edge. The lengths of choker, collar, and princess are perfect (especially if you have a long neck), because they break up the vertical line of a heart-shaped/inverted triangle face. Triple-strand chokers or big beads at the center of the throat create fullness at the face and offset the larger region around the eyes and cheekbones. A bright pendant on a short necklace makes a noticeable pause right under the chin, shortening the facial appearance. If a longer chain is required, seek the opera-long string and loop it once or twice around the neck before making it hanging.

SQUARE: Rounded Jewellery and Long Earrings

The square face has a clear jawline — the distance from the tip of the nose to the chin correlates to the nose width. Therefore, facial width at the nose, cheekbones and jaw are the same or almost the same. The facial characteristics can be strong and angular, or smooth and curved, but the ultimate face form will be square.

Sometimes, a square face may be confused with an oblong/rectangular face — though the length of the oblong/rectangular face is obvious when seen side by side. The goal for the square face is to soften the angles, establish the impression of narrower forehead and jawline, and extend the face.

Jewellery advice

Earrings: The square face is suitable for wearing wide oval hoops, long droplets and small earrings with a chandelier. Please note that this face form draws opposites, so prefer long, narrow designs. This face requires fashion jewellery that adds length to conceal its breadth and any designs that make an impression of length for a square face can flatter. Avoid any small buttons and wide designs of chandeliers.

Softening the angles and curves is the secret to accessorizing when you have a square-shaped face. When choosing earrings, look for large oval hoops or teardrop shapes that attract away from your face's squareness. Small earrings in the form of a chandelier can also have the same influence.

Ethnic Earrings by Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

Necklaces: Seek to resist short forms of choker because they cut off your neck and highlight your jaw's squareness. Try a longer necklace that falls into a U shape, like a simple pearl necklace, because that will help pull your neck down and lengthen your face. Alternatively, a twisted pendant chain will function well.

PEAR: Hoop Earrings and Matinee Necklaces

The triangle / pear-shaped face features a short forehead and wide jawline — the heart-shaped reverse here. Additionally, facial distance on the jawline and cheekbones is greater than the front side. The features inside the face may be straight and angular or smooth and flat, but pear or triangle would be the overall face shape.

Jewellery advice

Earrings: Consider the fact that the opposites attract with the triangle / pear-shaped face and pick heart-shaped dangler earrings — whatever places the narrowest portion of the earring next to the jawline. This face requires jewelry that adds depth at or above the level of the cheekbones, so ear cuffs and other types that sit the ears create a broad illusion—using tiny post (button) styles to build more space, with a few long narrow dangles.

Necklaces: Triangle-shaped faces require short necklaces softening the firm jawline with delicate curves. The lengths of the princess and the matinee are perfect because they bring a slight curve under the jawline and lengthen the neck. Big focus components on necklaces forming a "V" attract attention underneath the neck to provide a lengthier face look. To counter the deep angular features of the jaw, select pendants or focal components with curves and swirls.

Rectangular Face: Soft Shapes and Collar Necklaces

The oblong/rectangular face is broader than wide — the face diameter on the nose, cheekbones and chin are almost the same. The facial features can be clear and angular, or smooth and angled, but the general form of the face should be long. Occasionally an oblong/rectangular face may be mistaken for an oval — but the distinctions are apparent, positioned next to a true oval. The goal of this face type is to shorten its long vertical line.

Earrings: The oblong/rectangular face is perfect for wearing broad, bold styles — especially large post (button) styles and wide colour, action, and drama chandeliers. Opt for oval-shaped earrings, small hooks or hoops. Bear in mind that for this face form the opposites attract and prefer big circles, curves, crescents and other broad, space-filling designs. This face requires fashion jewellery that adds width and hides its shape, so any designs that make an impression of breadth for an oblong/rectangular face will look natural.

Rhodium Plated Earrings by Beautiart Jewellery

Necklaces: Short necklaces shorten the appearance of oblong/rectangular facial lengths. The lengths of choker, collar and princess are perfect (especially if you have a long neck), because they split the vertical line with an oblong/rectangular facial. Big beads at the neck base aid shorten facial appearance. Another choice for the oblong/rectangular face is circular necklines and necklaces without strong or bold focal components.

Diamond-Shaped Face

The diamond-shaped face is smooth, angular and dramatic, being broadest at the cheekbones and similarly slim at the forehead and the jawline. The diamond-shaped face is often called a more exciting or angled version of the "good" oval face shape, slightly longer than it is wide, and can wear almost any neckline or jewelry type. This is the rarest type of the face, and typically the features inside the face are clear and dramatic. Choose patterns and fashions that highlight the prominent cheekbones that are the heart of the diamond-shaped face.

Earrings: Diamond-shaped faces, whether the patterns are equal to the face, may wear nearly any form or type of earring. Remove unnecessarily long designs since they lengthen the face in a diamond-shaped form. Using types that cover the eyebrow or have wings that extend upwards to eliminate a thin diamond-shaped face or too-long nose. Add depth to a pointy jawline with teardrops, pear-shaped droplets or triangular drops in the earrings. Using triangles and cut crystal to mimic the diamond-shaped face with dramatic and circular designs-or soften the feel of the diamond-shaped face with hoops.

Necklaces: Diamond-shaped faces may wear almost any necklace shape or style, as long as the pattern is proportionate to the person, whether small or larger. Necklaces will complement the worn neckline as well as the other virtues of the wearer: chokers underline her long neck, a long string of flapper-style pearls lengthens her chest and low-hanging necklaces with drops accenting a low-cut neckline. Consider how to diminish the diamond-shaped face angles with gently curving shapes; such as the chain lengths of the collar, or to enhance the prominent faces with more geometric or sleek designs.

Although these basic instructions can be a wonderful start, you know in which jewelry you look at best. If you think you look amazing in an unrecommended pair of earrings here, then wear it anyway! Everyone has his unique style and respecting your voice is crucial.

And if you're ready to start exploring, try some of the guidelines above and let us know how to get on with it!

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