6 Ways on How to Distinguish Between bad and Good Quality Fashion Jewellery

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

You find a beautiful piece of fashion jewellery of your dreams, but how can you be confident that it's real?

Fake jewellery is on the rise, sometimes pretending to look as fine as the real thing of cheap pieces.

However, what they say is true; if you buy cheap, you buy twice! In the beginning, fake jewellery will look fantastic, but the cracks will undoubtedly begin to appear after a while.

Silver can be sold as white gold, and it is possible to use fake gems instead of real ones. So, when you're shopping for a ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings, or some other jewellery piece, it's essential to be aware of these issues.

Here are given some points which should be considered to differentiate between good and bad jewellery:

1. FINISHING - It is highly necessary to consider the finish of your jewellery. Imagine for a second what a piercing really is. With a foreign object inserted, it is an opening being formed in the body.

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

It is expected that the body will recognise the jewellery as a permanent fixture and will regenerate around it.

The externally threaded jewellery has threads on the bar any time it's inserted or removed, causing tissue damage and discomfort. This is the sign of bad finishing.

On the inside of the bar, the internally threaded fashion jewellery has threading, allowing for seamless insertion. This is the sign of good finishing.

2. FAKE METAL - You will often get gold coloured jewellery said to be gold plated one, but after some use, it will have black shades that will never come in original gold plated jewellery.

Silver and platinum look very similar, and that's why replacing the costly metal with a cheap one is so simple.

With a black tone and versatility, such a fake made from silver would fade itself away; platinum does not have such properties.

3. PRICE - Is it too sweet for the truth to be?

Sorry to say, but if there appears to be anything too extraordinary to be real, it generally is!

When you discover what is presented at a low price as authentic or designer jewellery, search for the material and check the price.

Massive discounts are very rare in good quality jewelleries, so guess if a price seems unnaturally low.

Often trust your instincts; if anything appears to be lacking, they will typically warn you.

4. SELLER SECURITY - Always checks if this a reputable merchant or not. Verify the seller and their information.

Most platforms accept feedback, so do a study to see if other persons have had positive or negative encounters with them.

Take a close look at the listing as well; is the product new? Is there an image there? Does the vendor use stock photographs or photos of the particular piece you're buying?

The ideal breeding ground for fakes is these unmoderated selling websites, so be careful at all times.

Best possible, to ensure the things you are buying are authentic, always purchase from a respected jeweller.

5. BUILD QUALITY - Have a quick look at the fashion jewellery to ensure the construction is on the right path.

Check the connections in a bracelet or necklace; they should never look squished together but should look smooth and sturdy instead.

For example, if you have a fashion jewellery item that includes stone, like in a ring, check the stone setting and mounting.

Often costume jewellery may be passed off as high quality, but a closer look would show the stones are mostly glued instead of carefully placed in place.

These are seemingly obvious points, but ones that can easily be missed at first glance or in a picture online.

6. STONES - Jewellery for children and adults is found to contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals such as lead and cadmium and PVC, and other plastics.

These metals and chemicals can affect your skin severely in the long run.

Diamond, sapphire, diamond, emerald, aquamarine, cubic zirconia, jade, and pearls are used for gems and fine jewellery designs.

Other synthetic materials are also used, but high quality and costly materials are usually used.

There is also a point to be noted that these jewelleries are not mass-produced, so you typically get one of a kind fashion jewellery!

If you keep these points considered while buying your favourite fashion jewellery, they will help you buy the good and actual one.

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