Don’t Buy Fashion Jewellery Online (without reading this post :)

Do not buy jewellery online without reading this

In today's busy life, we all want comfort and want to buy the best products online, every time. From the online sites of jewellery, we can choose our favourite design by comparing with different pieces and sellers and can buy them immediately. The best part of buying online is they are delivered to our doorstep without wasting our time. This process is very fast and simple also! But getting the right product is not that easy!

There are thousands of fashion jewellery sites and social media pages where we can buy online. There are many cases in our day to day life, we heard from our friends or even experienced ourselves that we do not get the stuff exactly the same as we had seen in the photo. So, it is very much important for us that we buy only from the trusted sites otherwise we may end up being cheated by receiving fake or low-quality products.

Here are some TIPS which we should definitely follow before making any purchase to avoid getting duplicate products in the future!

  1. Buy from an authentic eCommerce website. Not from unreliable Facebook and Instagram sellers. Buying stuff online is very convenient, but it is also equally important to check whether the site is genuine or not, otherwise, you might end up losing money. So, the question arises, how to check whether the eCommerce website is genuine or not? You can check the contact details of the company on the website page. A website without an email address, phone number, physical address, or if social media presence of the company is doubtful. Also, check the return and exchange policy on the website.  
  2. Buy only from the trusted jewellery brand, not from an individual seller. There are many individual sellers in the market who sell jewellery at quite a low price. But beware of those sellers as they may just not respond after making money and you might end up losing money, with a low-quality product. To ensure that you buy from a trusted brand and not from the individual seller.
  3. Always look for real stones and good quality metals. There are companies who sell jewellery at higher prices. This is because they use real stones and good quality metals like copper, titanium, silver, platinum, etc. They avoid using metals like nickel, cadmium, lead, etc. which are harmful to human health. So before buying from a brand, just check what metals and stones they use and choose your brand accordingly.
  4. Don't buy just because of the pictures of the items are good, as they can be fake. We, humans, tend to judge the quality of the products based only on how good the photographs are. Sorry to say, but that’s how we get cheated. Because when you receive the products you will see that the finishing, metals used and look and feel of the jewellery is not matching the photograph and also not worth the money. Many sellers use to display photos of the original jewellery and deliver fakes. Read the product specifications given on the website and only if you are satisfied then you can go head to purchase. If product specifications are missing, don’t buy.
  5. Make sure that you go through their return / exchange policyBefore buying from any website, make sure you read the exchange and return policy. When you will read it, you will be clear in your mind that what to do if the product you received is not liked or you want a different colour or any problem in quality, etc. When you know what to do when the problem will arise, shopping happens with confidence.
  6. If the jewellery is cheaper than it looks, it is more likely to be fake.  When you see the product to be looking great with insanely lower price, it means that the product is fake. Don’t fall prey to those fake sellers and be sure of what you are buying.

Beautiart assures to deliver you the best fashion jewellery, free from these problems. We create only genuine products at the right price, that is the reason we are a trusted brand for over 15 years! Happy Shopping!

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