Fashion Jewellery 15 Tips on How to Carry While Traveling

Beautiart Tips to maintain fashion jewellery while travelling

It is not always easy to travel with fashion jewellery. It can be a nightmare for packaging.

Most of us don't know the right ways to pack our fashion jewellery pieces so that necklaces could get twisted, rings could get lost, and bracelets might get broken. You can handle those tangles with a few tricks and tips.

1. Jewellery Roll

Start with a lovely jewellery roll of silk or fluffy cotton to carry your fashion jewellery. A well-designed jewellery roll is a great way to take a few pieces of jewellery on your journey in an organized manner.

The best part is the jewellery roll takes limited space.

Arrange all of your fashion jewellery, and then roll the towel. Tie it together at the ends and voila — you have made a simple DIY jewellery roll!

2. Jewellery Pouch

Beautiart Tips to maintain fashion jewellery while travelling

Do you have a silk jewellery pouch? If yes, then you can easily use them to pack your fashion jewellery. Put your earrings (on buttons) into this bag, knot it with a chain, and you're ready to go.

3. Plastic Quart Bag

Do you remember the small, sealable plastic bags that you always get when you buy Fashion Jewellery? Start saving them for travel to store your fashion jewellery. Place one piece of jewellery in each bag to keep it orderly to avoid tangling. And transfer all the small plastic bags into a bigger ziplock travel bag. If no tiny plastic bags are on stock, visit your nearest craft shop.

Though it's not high tech, the advantages are killer: you see all of your accessories at once, the bag locks quickly, it's durable and long-lasting. The plastic bags are fast replaceable too.

4. Jewellery Box

Beautiart Tips to maintain fashion jewellery while travelling

Are you traveling with many fashion jewellery pieces? Choose a jewellery box to keep your jewellery on the road tidy and clean. Go for a tiny box of jewellery, so you won't be tempted to bring all the items you have.

If you travel regularly, then buying in a travel case specially designed for jewellery can make sense. A decent travel jewellery box should have compartments to keep your jewellery pieces sorted and free of twists and scratches.

5. Press ‘n Seal Wraps

Using plastic seals is another DIY method to arrange your fashion jewellery. Place your jewellery on a piece of Press' n Seal and put another piece over it. Press and seal. Voilà! You are ready!

This is a perfect remedy from getting the necklaces twisted in a jewellery case, as it would keep everything in order.

6. Pill Box

Separate your small valuables using a pillbox. For holding single earrings, rings, and even smaller bracelets and necklaces, they are perfect. The fashion jewellery stays tangle-free and ordered by placing only one object (or earring pair) into a case. Especially tiny studs that can bend or get lost when tucked in a pocket suitcase. And since the boxes are connected, all your jewellery is in one place.

7. Straw

Hold tangle-free necklace chains by sliding one end through a drinking straw (one chain per straw) and then locking the loop. Place all of the straws in a toothbrush holder to keep your necklaces safe and secure. Have you got a chunky necklace or two in the mix too? Use a paper tube for the toilet to follow the same method.

8. Postcard

Earrings often go missing, particularly while you are traveling. You can use a business card or postcard to avoid this and stick your earrings through the paper to hold them in one location. Then fasten them in a plastic bag. You can wrap the card in a paper towel or tissue for extra safety before putting it in the plastic bag.

9. Eyeglass Cases

Many people have a barely used eyeglass case. An eyeglass case is useful for keeping your fashion jewellery safe, as it is hard on the outside and tissue-lined on the inside, just like a jewellery box. Also, contact cases can be repurposed if you only bring along a few stud earrings.

It also helps store small amounts of liquids, such as a few dabs of night cream or that costly night serum on which you splurge.

10. Buttons

Buttons provide a great way to organize earrings. This technique works to hold pairs of earrings together for traveling and at home. If you have spare buttons (especially larger ones), pair your earrings through the holes and seal the backs, one pair of earrings per button. Place the buttons you want to wear in a plastic ziplock bag or bundle them in a thin fabric for extra protection while you are packing for a journey. This is one of my favorite accessories travel tips!

This button trick can be paired with other managers, such as the pill case, the fashion jewellery box, or the jewellery roll. This would be very convenient to use the buttons on your earrings to secure those little studs in their set.

11. Paper Plate

Use disposable plates to store your jewellery at home or on the go.

Take one plate, insert the earrings in the base, and make holes on the side for your necklaces and bangles. Place the plate in a ziplock bag or other packing organizer to keep your items safe in transit. When you travel, it creates a mini jewellery display.

12. Tackle Boxes

Close to the concept of a pill container, a fishing tackle box makes secure storage for travel and has dividers perfect for fashion jewellery. Tackle boxes are particularly well suited for bigger, chunky necklaces or bigger bracelets.

13. Small sealable snack cups

You'll probably have a range of small, sealable plastic bowls or snack cups if you have little kids in the house. They are a perfect size to hold single chunkier necklaces, bracelets or earrings, or a set of earring-pair buttons covered in a little cloth.

14. Safety Pins

Safety pins become the true friend of a woman at crucial times of malfunctioning wardrobes. They can now also help you organize your jewellery when you're traveling.

Use this for hoop earrings, rings, and delicate bracelets. Getting a pin per pair is better to make it easy to pick the pair you need.

15. Rubber bands

Hold the roll in place using rubber bands or hair ties. Once you open it up, you'll see all your items are in position waiting for you.

It is excellent as it keeps dirt, scratch, and impact-free on your pieces.

Pack jewellery in your carry-on bag while you're flying. Checked bags have a far higher risk of being misplaced.

And remember to rest and have fun. Keep the fashion jewellery simple and compact so that it does not make a mess.

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