Fashion Jewellery Norms Breaking The Gender Stereotype

Ever since the stone age, men and women have been wearing Fashion Jewellery and stone engravings alike.

Until the era of emperors and rulers, kings and queens have been adorning lavish jewellery pieces alike.

But as the world culture evolved and westernisation started influencing us more than ever, jewellery usage in men slowly decreased. Be it on special occasions or in the day to day life, women are mostly seen with necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, nose pins, anklets and several other pieces of Fashion Jewellery.

But a man is hardly seen in anything beyond a chain or ring.

Jewellery has been categorised as a feminine entity on the social standards, but now, this myth is being busted. It is highly required that we get over the labels of feminine and masculine; when it comes to feeling good about ourselves and start seeing dressing up and accessorising as something both genders can do.

Let us first understand why people wear jewellery and closely is the gender norm associated with it?

Upon asking various individuals, it is safe to say that Fashion Jewellery choices give ventilation to people. They can independently express who they are, with their selection and choices. There are different outfits with demands of a certain accent and occasionally, the need is to go minimal.

Gender norms restrict this free expression of will. To keep up with the latest sensations, it is not enough to wear the trending dresses, rather, it is also important to club them with stylish accessories. But the strict gender norms dictate the liberal use of accessories and limit the pieces of men's use. For example, with the rise of the streetwear trends for both women and men, more demand for Fashion Jewellery combination is being generated. There are pieces that are required to improve the appearance and individuality of a streetwear costume.

Our celebrities and actors have done a profound job of normalising the jewellery culture for men. Be it the head to toe gold-clad image of Bappi Lahiri or the display of an eclectic sense of fashion by Ranveer

Singh, they have made jewellery look completely common for men too. The male models also portray accentuating earrings, toe rings, bold necklaces with both modern and traditional couture. This gradual change in the fashion industry is also being reflected in our daily life, where people feel liberal enough to wear whatever they want, to reflect whoever they are, with just their style statement. Women have had their share of dominance over the jewellery industry, but now men are equally challenging the market to get more accepted looks in society.

How are people trying to get above the gender norms in 2020?

The attempt to thrash the set up norms is not one-sided. Women are accepting mens fashion, wholeheartedly, and the vice versa is true for men. The trend of unisex jewellery pieces has taken over the industry. The elements used in these jewellery are in solid, geometrical shapes and are extremely detailed. Such brilliance of artistic touch attracts all glares and the designers also make the maximum use of pearls and gems to keep their work, gender-neutral. Such jewellery does not identify with any specific gender and embodies traditions inherent in fashion and culture, as an aggregate.

Thus, both with mental acceptance and creative liberty of designing and expression, people are sending out a loud message that they are owning up to men's jewellery. There are more sizes and inventory for jewellery so that they are easily accessible by all genders. The entire concept of tradition and gender norms is being revamped and the attributes of general awareness and the expression of free will are being included. No matter which gender you identify with, if you resonate with something, you have all the rights to be seen in public, with it.

What makes gender-neutral jewellery so attractive and trendy?

Over the past few years, it is trending to go gender-neutral. Even in the clothing industry, reputed companies like Zara began with their first-ever gender-neutral line in 2016. High street fashion is experiencing a major shift to introduce styles which do not discriminate over gender parity. Now, the jewellery markets are also grabbing this fashion trend and are altering their manufacturing processes to encompass a genderless approach to design. But what really makes gender-neutral jewellery so fancy?

Read ahead to know why you should also be adopting this trend.

1. It promotes the essential idea of equality

This is the most prominent reason why designers have shifted to breaking gender barriers. Today, there are not only two genders in the world. There is an umpteen number of sexual identities and people are liberal to choose the one they resonate with. But an alternate gender identity does not mean they cannot dress or accessorise the way they want to. By championing the abolition of polarising gender categories, we can take the first step towards a more inclusive society. Since our clothes and jewellery signify our identity, it is the need of the hour to create gender-neutral accessories and give a vent to the constrained individuals, whose voices have been suppressed for centuries.

2. It breaks away from conventional ideas

Rules, regulations, and conventions are created to be implied under certain social, economic and political conditions. They should not be carried over generations as norms and traditions. But in our society, these traditions have been continued for a long while and it is time to break away. A man can wear a floral brooch because florals are not just a feminine aesthetic. Women should also be able to wear signet rings or thick, bold chains, which have been necessarily adorned by men. The jewellery we choose is just the extension of who we are and we should be allowed to express our individual identities. Think of the medieval kings and emperors who were clad in emerald, rubies, and pearls.

Jewellery was a symbol of status and not a feature of the arbitrary gender category. Let's restore is back to the good old days.

3. To keep up with the changing tendencies

The shapes, styles, and cuts being used in the fashion industry have evolved greatly over time. The traditional ideas are now outdated and the millennial philosophy is used. Mens jewellery is no longer restricted to watches, tie pins and cufflinks. There is a wide variety available in rings, necklaces, and bracelets. The same change is seen in the women industry, whereby they are opting for more rugged and masculine attributes of jewellery. Thus, the future is unisex and the rebellion has begun. 

If you are inspired by this trend, start showing your support by crossing one barrier. Visit online stores or offline retailers and find a good piece of Fashion Jewellery which you can share with your partner or siblings. Look now and you may find a get the perfect jewel for you, in the unisex section.

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