How To Choose Timeless Temple Jewellery?

Temple jewellery by Beautiart Fashion Jewellery
Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery is designed in various forms of Gods and Goddesses. It is made with precious and semi precious stones are used in both cut and uncut form.

Jewellery shopping is a careful task of strategic investment while maintaining a style statement. When it comes to jewellery, every woman wants to add the latest style pieces to her collection and also invest in timeless pieces that never go out of trends.

With the advent of the internet, this task has become simpler as you can easily scroll through different online portals and choose the pieces you like. Beautiart is one of the most prominent online jewellery retailers who can give you the best deals on genuine artistry.

But when you are shopping for jewellery, your target should be at getting timeless pieces that can be worn repeatedly without looking out of fashion. Temple jewellery has made such a place in 2019, where even celebrities are adorning them, thus claiming that they are attractive and gorgeous for all occasions.

Temple Earrings are in vogue today and here are some tips on how to choose your timeless Temple earrings, if you are considering buying them.

Pearls are evergreen

Pearls never go out of style when we talk about jewellery styling. It brings the ultimate sophistication to your looks and goes well with contemporary dresses as well as light, designer couture. Temple earrings also have been molded with sparkling white pearls as danglings from them, and they can prove to be great for your collection. You can look for such pearl and temple earrings.

While buying pearl jewellery, make sure that the strands of pearls are in complete sync and make a straight line. This way, you can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into weaving every single pearl to create your elusive jewellery piece and also understand the authenticity of the product. These shining pearls enhance the glow of your temple earrings and make your presence marked in every party.

Define your statement with stones

If you are looking for earrings designs that can be brought to regular use, stone jewellery is the best at hand. They are embellished, colorful stones that can highlight your personality and make your fashion statement. The main reason why stone jewellery is getting prominence is because of the color choices that you get. Right from turquoise to amber, you get ample options in stones that you may not find anywhere else.

Now, these stones are being widely used in temple jewellery by leading companies. You can check out more here. These stones enhance the look of the deities and figurines. They also help in creating a mix and match with other jewellery accessories so as to create your own style statement. As these stones are common in bracelets, anklets and hair accessories, you can have a wide range of options to merge with stone temple earrings.

Silver to the rescue

No matter what the occasion is, a little piece of silver will never look too common or old. There are tiny, minimalist temple earrings also available which can enhance your personality by giving it a formal look.

Even metal danglers are slowly becoming trendier, with colorful tassels attached. Several silver earrings are trending on Beautiart.

An amalgamation of these silver earrings with temple designs creates a beautiful style to be carried about in different festivals and occasions.

Merging temple earrings with classic styles

Temple earrings have also been picking up styles from various traditional and ethnic earring designs, which make them even more admirable. Various temple earrings merging with Chandbalis can be shopped online

Deriving their name from 'chand' or 'moon' in English, these earrings are of crescent moon shape and are one of the trending temple earrings fashion. The classic crescent shape of Chandbalis stand as the base and on it, various religious deities and figurines are carved to create phenomenal designs and artistic majesty.

They are very grand and flamboyant in design and look, so you need no other accessory to back your style up, when you have put temple earrings on. They have also become a regular in the Indian bridal jewellery ensemble and can be found in the lighter range, at affordable rates.

Keeping the occasion in mind

Temple earrings are so versatile in their demeanour that they can suit all types of clothing and occasions. Since they are mostly very heavy and intricately knitted, they are used as wedding adornments. But they suit western and Indo-Western fusion garments alike, when clubbed with pendants and thin bracelets. With very light jewellery, these earrings can stand out and make your personality felt.

These dynamic temple earrings are also available in different sizes, so the small ones can be worn with formal attires for a comfortable, regular usage. The variety of colours which you can explore at Beautiart will help you in choosing the perfect temple earrings for all occasions. You can check our entire temple jewellery catalogue here.

Gold-plated temple earrings in style

When shopping for temple earrings, you can also look for the gold-plated earrings with varied stone engravings to add a sheen to the carved structures. Be it Goddess Lakshmi or any symbol of fortune, all the shapes and structures really shine when given a coat of gold. Temple earrings in golden hue are also considered to be a fashion jewellery, contrary to the name which indicates towards traditional elements.

Temple earrings are thus very unique and attractive for all fashion types and occasions. With their dynamic elegance, they can suit everyone, so what are you waiting for? Check out the latest earring designs released by Beautiart and make these gorgeous pieces your own. You can also create diverse mixes with accessories, as discussed in the blog and develop your own fashion statement.

These earrings can be worn from grandest of events to the most casual outings, depending upon the way you choose to carry them. The entire collection of fine art jewellery at Beautiart decorates a pretty journal of golden jewellery with very complex figures and symbols, which make them even more appealing. Explore more here.

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