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Being a social person and interacting with a lot of people is not at all bad, but sometimes the overwhelming emotion of socialising takes over your mind. So, how to make yourself happy? You may not be ready to go out due to various reasons and so, staying back at home, relaxing and rejuvenating is perhaps the best resort.

There is an umpteen number of things that you can do to have fun alone while releasing all your stress.

1. Read a book

There can be nothing more soothing than forgetting all your worries and getting lost in an imaginary world, through the eyes of the storyteller. Grab a cup of coffee and lay down in the open sunlit area of your backyard, or rest on a rocking chair and let your imagination run wild. From the Horcruxes of Harry Potter to the charisma of The Great Gatsby, there awaits a universe to be explored by you.

2. Gardening

Gardening is not only about buying plants and watering them, but it also requires the utmost patience and knowledge. Timid plants are just like your pets who need immense care and love to grow. You can spend your time fertilising them, trying different pot arrangements, buying attractive pots, changing the soil, mixing manure and so on.

3. Visit a farmers market

We all are used to buying vegetables and fruits from the supermarkets and malls, that we have completely forgotten the culture of farmer's market. You can head out to your nearest farmers, market and explore a wide range of fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables. You can also find some new ingredients to cook a recipe you have never tried before. On the way home, you can also grab a bouquets of flowers for the vase lying on your centre table.

4. Write something

Not with the intent of posting on social media, or for somebody else, but you should pen down something for your own self. It can be anything, right from poetry to a story, you can narrate your emotional journey in a heartfelt tale. Such a depiction not only releases your personal feelings but also brings peace to the mind.

5. Travel

The first thing that comes to our mind with travelling is the cost that it will come with. However, if you are away from work for a day and you need to spend quality time alone, travelling can be a quick and entertaining idea. You can look for the unexplored places around your city and dig in some nice getaways. In case you have a weekend, you can also explore the areas around your city and have a good time alone. You can take pictures, make doodles, note your experiences in a journal, and so on.

6. Shop

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Make a list of the weekend essentials and all other things that you have been wanting to all the time, but never had time to go out and buy. Walk through different marketplaces and curate all the items from your list. You can also shop for certain home decor items and use the rest of the time to set up your living room and bedroom. You can also go to the old markets and get yourself some antiques.

7. Make a time capsule

Take a box and put in some things which represent your current life. It can be anything from journals, photos, news articles, letters, bus tickets, etc. This will stay as a reminder of what was happening around the world and in your life, at this specific point of time. When you revisit this later, you may be in a totally different space and time. Also, if you have been following this for a while, you can open one of your older time capsules.

8. Learn a new skill

Learning is a long process, but the internet has made it all so accessible. You can watch YouTube tutorials and start taking out time every week to focus on learning new skills. If you need something for a short time fun, you can try cooking a new dish or make an art piece with art guides online.

9. Take yourself to a fancy meal

Nothing will ever replace the value of self-care and maintenance. Resist the urge to take out your smartphone and order food online. Instead, you can go out on a fancy dinner and enjoy alone time. Savouring a delicious meal alone also gives you the time to introspect over a lot of your life decisions and gives you a better perspective.

10. Netflix and Chill

What can be better than chilling all day with your favourite show running? Alone time calls for some binging hours on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or How I Met Your Mother or any of your beloved TV shows. You can watch reruns of a program, flip through YouTube videos or simply watch a movie you have been meaning to watch for long. This is the best way to pass your time while releasing all types of stress.

11. Declutter

Cleaning might not be the first thing to come to your mind when you are looking for something to do. But it is equally difficult to find free time for cleaning. Therefore, if you have some time in your hand, declutter. It is amazing how therapeutic cleaning and organising can be. When you get rid of the things that you no longer need, you will feel very productive. Simply put on your favourite tune or create a playlist and continue with tidying up. You can also organize your space and redecorate it by shuffling your furniture.

12. Rest

In our busy schedules, we all lack a good night's sleep and absolute rest. After having a long week, or perhaps a long month, you can break away from your active work and relax. Spend the weekend sleeping in and refreshing your mind. You can also order food and spend the entire day in bed. This is the last and most important way of improving your lifestyle while spending time alone.

With these incredibly simple ideas, you can have great fun by yourself, while learning something new. These activities are interesting as well as productive, and it is all about being the better version of yourself. Love Yourself.

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