How to Match Your Fashion Earrings for Short & Long Hairstyles

A skill that could make or break your outfit is styling your jewellery to compliment your hair. In specific, fashion earrings are perfect for attracting attention to your face, but they also conflict with your hair. It's important to pick the correct combination to make sure that the overall look is on track.

Fashion earrings for short hair function differently relative to long-hair earrings. Instead of fighting for attention, your hairstyles and fashion earrings must fit together. When combined, hairstyle and accessories choices make for a seamless look. It is important to select the ones that suit you best.

But over and above those choices, here are few tips to make sure that you match your hair and earrings to make you look your absolute best.


A pixie cut or hair draws up into an up-do or away from the face is often misjudged and styled with studs. Studs with these hairstyles are ideal for a relaxed look but don't shy away from Danglers. Danglers work by highlighting your face, which is something your hair doesn't do in these styles.

Fashion Earrings Danglers - Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

Earring jackets and cuffs fit better when you have a shorter cut over the ears. A statement ear crawler or cuff will add a new and stylish look as your ear is likely to be exposed much of the time!


There can be quite a lot of room from your ear to your shoulders while you wear your hair in a high knot or high pony-tail. Your ears are going to be easily noticeable, and a pair of classic earrings should be flaunted.

Choose a pair of fashion earrings that look stunning from all angles, so your dress looks perfect from front to back. For the high bun hair type, long and thin danglers are the best.

Hoops are another sound option, so the hoop's back would look as fine as the front. A perfect alternative for this is diamond hoops.

Hooped Fashion Earrings - Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

There are two options to pair your pony-tail with earrings, and it all depends on how high the pony tail you wear.

You will find it easy to pair with larger statement earrings if your pony-tail is high. Earring cuffs and hoops will create a lot of drama and movement to your face without diverting attention from a high pony-tail.


It can detract from any fashion earrings you wear if you wear your hair down. For daily wear, the best way to go is for a pair of studs. To make it more appealing, select a pair of gemstone studs that will get noticed next to your locks, such as pearls or CZ stones.

If you have several ear piercings, you could also layer these to create a sleek combination of elegant and tiny studs. This looks amazing when you use studs such as silver or yellow gold in the same metal shades.

Statement fashion earrings and chandelier styles for shoulder length hair will look perfect, but some long and thin earrings will get a little lost in your hair. So, look for earrings that fill the gap produced by your hair around your face.


Wearing a bun leaves a lot of ears and shoulder space. It gives you a great way to flaunt shiny, classic earrings. Choosing a pair of large, gorgeous fashion earrings that look dazzling from all angles will enhance your look. Long hanging earrings or hoops may also be preferred.

Western Fashion Earrings - Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

Delicate drop-down fashion earrings increase the face's softness and fit well with every shape of the face. Drops also fit well with loose hairs on the forehead or around the ears.


Hair swept to one side is easy yet trendy. The classic go-to piece is Pendant drop earrings. They are plain, feminine, and chic, plus you can wear them to match your outfit in any colour or contrast.

You may do diamond hoops, stylized Chaandbaalis, danglers with vibrant colors, diamonds, or bold minimalist studs, depending on the occasion.

Dangler Fashion Earrings - Beautiart Fashion Jewellery


This hairstyle is both elegant and focuses on your face. In the volume of hair around the ears, heavily stylized earrings will get overlooked, but stylish and elegant diamond studs will do the trick of softly bringing glamour to your face.

http://Stud Fashion Earrings - Beautiart Fashion Jewellery


Curly hair is beautiful, but styling can be very tricky because it gets caught in the fashion earrings! Plus, wild curls are also hard to tame. Both of these issues will make it very difficult to get your hands on the proper pair of fashion earrings that match your hairstyle.

If you're satisfied with a pair of studs, they'll still look cute and perfect, and your hair will hopefully not get messy.

If you're looking for something more stylish, though, then hoop earrings are the perfect alternative for curly hair. This is because the hoop curve will match your hair, and it will be easier to untangle than a pair of chandelier earrings if your hair gets a little stuck in your hoop.

Hooped Fashion Earrings - Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

A perfect way to look well-dressed is to match your fashion earrings to your style of hair. However, don't let your hairstyle discourage you from wearing them if you have a pair of earrings you love.

Personal choices are just as important as the 'rules' at the end of the day. Try to play with unique fashion earrings, whether you wear your hair down, in a pony-tail, or a high bun.

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