Simple Care Tips for Jewellery


Simple Care Tips for Jewellery

We all love wearing jewellery and also love each and every piece of jewellery which we have selected and kept with us safely. To all of our knowledge, there are many safety tips which we need to follow to keep our jewellery pieces long lasting and with same shine and elegance. We have listed certain care tips for the treasure possessed by you and your loved once which are as under:

  • One should always wear Jewellery after applying the makeup: The cosmetics or lotions or perfumes which we use comprises of certain chemical which are likely to damage the jewellery. Wearing jewellery after the makeup shall avoid the chances of potential damage to jewellery and hence giving a long life to your precious treasure.


  • Avoid wearing Jewellery during performing any task: While performing any daily tasks like, kitchen work, gardening, house cleaning or any other routine work, it is advisable to avoid wearing jewellery in order to safeguard your lovely pieces from damage by exposure to any exertion or exposure to chemicals used in the cleaning materials.
  • Make sure you clean your Jewellery: It’s really important to wipe your jewellery every time after you use them so as to remove all the chemicals from perfumes or cosmetics incidentally applied while wearing it. It will give a longer life to your jewellery.
  • Don’t wear Jewellery while in Swimming Pool or Spas: Metals found in jewellery can get a serious reaction when exposed to chlorinated water and causes color change or even structural damage. Hence, it’s a good idea to go to such places without jewellery.
  • No Jewellery while sports: Hard waft while playing any sports game can damage the jewellery like breakage or even loss of the same and also can hurt your body. Hence, not to wear jewellery while sports can save you and your jewellery from any kind of damage.
  • Not to wear Jewellery before bathing:  Chemicals in the soup can cause damage to the jewellery and makes it appear dingy and dull.



We have got some other cleaning tips also which are as under:

As mentioned above, we need to clean our jewellery every now and then for its long lasting effect and safety. Now, the question arises is what is the best way to clean our jewellery? We all do it in our own best way but here are some tips to clean in a best way:

  1. Jewellery polishing cloth: For best results, one should use a silver or gold jewellery polishing cloth. There are other options also like an old diaper but the professional clothes are the best.
  2. Do not Clean Damaged Jewellery: When clean the damaged or broken jewellery it is very much likely that the piece gets more damaged or it may also worsen the problem so much so that it won’t get repaired.
  3. Keep checking your Jewellery: As it is said that Prevention is better than Cure. When you get your jewellery polished it is better to check and then take them into possession for any possible reasons of damage or any mishap.  Addressing signs of damage, or loose gemstones will prevent any further damage or loss and keep all of your pieces in excellent shape for years.


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