How to Take Care of Your Pearl Jewellery

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Pearls are soft and can be scratched or worn away quickly. But with right treatment, a lasting treasure can be pearl jewellery. It's true that they require extra attention, but it is not challenging to take care of pearls. It might be easier for you to do than you expect.

You only need to take a few easy steps and store them properly in order to protect the elegance of your pearl jewellery. Yet you're required to be consistent. Here are few quick tips on how to look after real pearls:


  1. After you wear them, cleaning the pearls with a soft cloth will assure that they are free of toxic compounds like sweat, perfume, excess oils, or dirt that can affect the pearl.
  2. Use either a limited amount of mild detergent, especially for soft fabrics, or a delicate dishwasher solution with a quarter of warm water to clean your pearls without damaging them. There should be no sign of lemon, baking soda, or vinegar.

Blend well and then, for a period of 15 seconds, soak the pearls in this mixture. Do not extend the time for soaping, and do not use harsh detergent because it would weaken the silk thread.

  1. A variety of materials often combine together in several pieces of pearl jewellery. You may have a pearl ring with gold, for instance. The gold in this piece is much more lasting than the pearls. Therefore l Let the pearl determine the procedures and materials you use to care for the item if the jewellery has even one pearl in it.
  2. Never use your pearl jewellery as long as their string is wet. To ensure that they are dehydrated, lay them flat on a soft surface before storing them. A clean towel helps with moisture absorption. Never use a hairdryer or some sort of artificial heat to speed up the process.


The basic rule is always to put the pearl jewellery last and take them off first. Before wearing any pearls, try applying your skin lotion, lipstick, cosmetics, perfume, and hairspray. Always remove the pearls first before getting undressed. For chemical compounds, be very alert as they can consume holes in the pearl nacre.

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  • Although being hung on a cute jewellery rack is perfectly appropriate for most necklaces, the pearl jewellery strands should not be like that. Do not hang the pearl necklace for storage on a hook; this puts additional pressure on the silk and stretches the necklace.
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  • Always try to keep the pearl jewellery apart from heavy jewellery pieces to protect them from scraping, such as rings or bracelets. A soft-cloth bag or a soft-lined jewellery case is better to store pearls. It is great to have a pearl jewellery box with compartments: you get to divide them and hold them straight.
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  • Never place pearl jewellery in a sealable plastic bag in an airtight condition. Pearls contain small quantities of water and are organic. Storing in an airtight atmosphere would cause them to become fragile and damage the shine. Place a damp cloth around before putting the pearls in a storage unit or a hot area, and try to get them out of there as soon as you can.
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  • Originally born in the sea, Pearls actually get benefits by consuming the oils naturally secreted from your skin during the day. So wearing them frequently keeps them from drying out. Pearl jewellery are not appropriate for storage in plastic bags, vaults, or deposit boxes for long-term use.
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  • Restrung pearls once every two or three years, or once a year to avoid strand breakage if you wear them weekly. Make sure to have each pearl jewellery knotted individually, ideally with silk, so that the pearl nacre is not scratched and put together. Knots in each pearl can be problematic if pearls are very tiny.
  • The oils from one's skin will soak up both nylon and silk and become dark after a while. It is recommended to restring the pearl jewellery with new silk or nylon over trying to wash the thread, as washing can weaken or spread the knots, and certain soaps may be toxic and affect the pearls.
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  • Never wear your pearl jewellery while showering, bathing, or cleaning dishes, if it's not apparent. Shampoo and soap chemicals can diminish the luster of the pearls. Pitting on the surface of the pearls will also induce chlorine in swimming pools. Before getting into the bathtub, shower, or lake, always remove your pearl jewellery.
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  • Part of caring for your pearl jewellery means not doing any intensive exercise while wearing them. They are vulnerable to the acids that are present in our sweat.
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