This Wedding Season - Wear What You Want To Wear

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As the wedding season approaches, huge hustle bustle starts in the market as new trends flow in. From the latest couture to Fashion Jewellery, every wedding is incomplete without a gorgeous style. But as 2020 approaches, the world is now being accepting towards everyone's choices, and we should definitely blend in the raging norms.

It is often considered that women enter their prime age when they enter their thirties, and they tend to glow differently. To harness this gleam, the way it deserves to be, Beautiart Fashion Jewellery sends a message to all the women out there: "Wear what you want to wear."

Let no one dictate your steps and choose your style. Encouraging the women to follow their voice, Beautiart has curated some of the trending and elegant styles that are ruling the industry, and now you are going to rule over every party with them.

1. Attire

Your clothes speak volumes for you and add to your personality. The Indian wedding season is at its peak, and so is the style industry. Now, frilled sarees, dhoti sarees, and zari sarees are in vogue, for all women who find their maximum comfort in sarees. However, if we expand our horizons, there are Anarkalis, straight A-line kurtas, and long gowns also available for women, which look very sophisticated in weddings.

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." Edith Head

As the fashion of palazzo has taken down, cigarette pants are the new trend. Pair it up with a front-open long kurta which has been embroidered for the weddings, and make sure of your dynamic looks. You can also try using capes differently with all your dresses, right from lehengas to gowns.

For short choli patterns, you can use a netted cape and get it embellished and designed, for a matching look with the lehenga. This gives an outstanding and unique addition to your dresses. A sporadic design of draped Kurti is also taking the market with a blow.

Long kurta with heavy lehengas and short kurtas with shararas can also be paired. With such dynamic ideas coming in, it is indeed the season of experimentation and freedom, whereby women can step out of their hesitation and wear whatever they truly want to. The designers have made sure that there is something to suit every woman's exclusive taste.

2. Jewellery

When it comes to weddings, elegance rules all shimmers. For the best wedding presents, there is nothing as appealing as a luxurious Fashion Jewellery companion, the pearl. The off-white and white hues of the pearls enunciate your glowing looks and add a spark of lavishness.

From the regal style of royal dynasties to every woman's go-to, pearls are trending as wedding accessories. However, to add more colors, gemstones and beads are also being used.

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery

In the jewelry industry, CZ stone and rhinestones are the latest talks. Such vast choices give you the opportunity to pick out diverse pieces and use them brilliantly in sync with your dresses.

It also allows you to take a chance with contradictory fashion and mix-match the pieces. So break the pattern and start using different imitation jewelry over the golden and platinum ones, which limit you in color variations and designs.

Also, never make high cost a reason to stop your explorations. Fashion Jewellery is the new rising industry that presents a plethora of options for accessorizing.

For me, style is all about confidence. What you wear, both in terms of clothing and jewellery, should add to your confidence. Dulquer Salmaan

Beautiart Fashion Jewellery is the home to different lavish imitation designs which can be experimented with, this season. Visit and sift through more, today!

3. Footwear

The least attention seems to be paid at the footwear, but at Indian weddings, it should be ensured that one is making a style statement from head to toe. While there are no guidelines to choose your comfortable footwear, there are a few things you should take care of.

  • Always think of the weather before deciding on the shoe. Even with easy transportation, it is suggested not to wear high heels in the rainy season. Similarly, fur styles are not made for the monsoons.
  • In winters, make your style route stronger with covered ballerinas, which are a smart choice in the cold weather.
  • Whichever sandal you choose, it should have a complementary shade to the dress you have chosen.
  • While the color shade can be easily compared, there are embroidered traditional sandals also available, which can be matched with the embroidery of your dress.
  • When your entire dress is very flashy and bright, you can also go for subtle monotones of silver or white to attract greater appeal.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with heels, you can consider wearing designer slippers for enhanced looks and safety.
  • As a pro-tip, carry bandaids around with you, in case you face a shoe bite.
You can dress down or dress up anything simply by what footwear you rock. Jeffree Star

4. Makeup

The last but not the least, makeup plays a vital role in accentuating your entire look. For this winter wedding season, you can trust a few styles to be ruling the industry.

You need not have a complete makeover, and rather, subtle, smoky eyes are highest in demand. Bronze and golden tints are highly used in the eye makeup palettes.

You are free to match your makeup with the tint of your jewelry for an additional impression. The most sophisticated style in 2020 is ought to be the peach haze of eyes and cheek makeup.

I feel beautiful without makeup on, but when I do put makeup on, it just gives me this extra pop. Cardi B

You can even get a full bloom makeup with stark red lipstick, as per the style demands of your dress. Without any second thoughts, match it with a good hairstyle, and all kinds of makeup will roll in the parties. You can make slight use of glitter as well if the traditional vibe of your couture allows it.

However, it really does not matter how expensive items you adorn in a wedding, the overall look and feel always stands out. Therefore, always keep your comfort and preference first. Every woman has her own style statement, and they should stick to it, in specific innovative ways. But never let anyone else's opinions alter your fashion sense. Wear whatever you want to, be whoever you aspire to be.

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