What is Temple Jewellery?

Temple Jewellery is a kind of Ethnic Jewellery which is designed in various forms of Gods and Goddesses. Originally, It was made with Gold embedded with different types of precious stones and gems. Now a days they are also available made in different metals also like silver, copper, bronze etc. which can be lighter for the pockets. The design of these jewellery itself makes the look so magnificent that it can even go with an understated outfit.

Embedded with North Indian stones like polki or vilandi or even some types of stones like Emerald or Ruby etc. Temple jewellery symbolises South India. It is a very intricately designed jewellery resembling heavily ornamented pillars and rich sculpted walls of many South Indian Temple especially, Thanjavur.

Origin of Temple Jewellery:

Temple Jewellery had originated in 9th century, during Chola Dynasty. As the names suggests, it was used as embellishments on Gods and Goddesses in Temples. The base metal used to make this jewellery is Gold. It is crafted in many different designs like, lotus, peacock, gods and goddesses etc. Most of these jewellery are made in Nagercoil, a city in Tamil Nadu.

Types of Temple Jewellery:

Temple jewellery design is available from small nose rings to big chunky jewellery including necklaces and chokers, pendants, armbands, waistbands, finger rings etc. The speciality of Temple Jewellery is that they so intrinsically crafted that when worn even with simple outfit it will give you a classy look. Below given are some examples:

Temple Necklace:

Temple Jewellery

Temple Earrings:

Temple Jewellery

How to wear Temple Jewellery:

Temple jewellery goes best with wedding clothes or even with Saree. Wearing a simple saree without heavy border or embroidery with a heavy looking Temple necklace will make your style statement. Make sure if you wear it with some understated outfit because these pieces itself are heavy. You may also team up a necklace with a simple Kurti for a Family or Friend’s function.

Remember, when you are wearing a complete western outfit, it’s good to pair it with a fashion jewellery having a hint of Temple designs. Make sure the you wear small stuff like finger ring otherwise wearing a bigger one might spoil the whole look.

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